The Mustard Girl

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I cannot take any credit for the title of this outfit post because it all goes to my brother who decided to call me “The Mustard Girl” all day long. Hi Nick. I wasn’t mad at all because I think the name is kind of cute. So here I am, with my mustard co-ordinate outfit and all, ready to tell you all about the adventures taken in this outfit in New York City.

This show stopping outfit was perfect to go bike riding around Central Park. Besides getting engaged, this was my absolute favorite part of my birthday trip. I felt like I truly belonged in the city, soaring so fast on my cute baby blue bike with my favorite people riding beside me. I didn’t want this moment to end. I was so sad when our journey around Central Park ended but that sadness didn’t last long because we went straight to 5th Avenue to do a little birthday shopping. I spent more than I intended to at Zara. I have never been inside an actual Zara store, online shopping only, so I went a little crazy in there on numerous occasions. No shame though.


With Love,

©Karissa Marie


Top. Bottoms. Shoes. Sunglasses.

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7 thoughts on “The Mustard Girl

  1. Though I’m not a huge fan of color, particularly on myself, I absolutely love this! It’s a gorgeous mustard color, and the outfit is simple yet beautiful. I love how you paired it with the white converse. Great choice! It breaks up and balances out the mustard. Really enjoyed reading this blog. I absolutely love that color on you — it’s stunning. 🙂 Be well!

  2. You are precious! It might be a silly question, but how did you get started with your blog? I think one of the biggest setbacks to fashion blogging is simply not having someone regularly available to be your photographer.

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