The Cocktail Dress

IMG_0590 IMG_0595 IMG_0612 IMG_0597 IMG_0610 IMG_0594 IMG_0638I don’t think I’ve ever owned a proper cocktail dress. I’ve for sure never had cocktails in a cocktail dress until this day. Oh, the joys of being 21. I’ve had this darling black and white number tucked away in my closet for over 3 months, patiently waiting for August 23rd to come around. When the moment finally came to take this beauty out of it’s plastic garment bag, I was beyond excited to finally rock it in my favorite city on my favorite day. If I had to pick one dress to wear for the rest of my life, I’d pick this one. I know that says a lot but it’s true. From the black peek-a-boo straps to the satin material, to the peplum sleeves: This dress was made to make amazing memories in. That’s exactly what happened.

I will never forget what I was wearing when Wyatt proposed. That moment and this dress are so so special to me. I truly cannot wait to pass this special dress down to my daughter someday.


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