Cheers To The Weekend

IMG_7473IMG_7489IMG_7448 IMG_7455 IMG_7459 IMG_7480IMG_7495 IMG_7481 Stripes and boyfriend jeans are the perfect combination and this timeless outfit calls for a weekend in the city. Out and about exploring the museums, little shops, boutiques, and amusement parks. This would be the perfect 4th of July outfit but I couldn’t wait until then to wear it. Red, white and blue stripes will never go out of style and neither will showing your love for your country. I love keeping things casual once in awhile and giving my feet a little break from the heels. Converse, sneakers and flats never seem to let me down on those endless walking days. And neither does sipping on some black tea from Starbucks. MY FAVORITE! Yum. My paint splattered Pilcro boyfriend jeans seem to be my “go to” jeans nowadays. They provide me with comfort and style from day to night and I absolutely love them. I never used to be a fan of lighter wash jeans but for some reason, I’m kind of diggin’ them lately. I will honestly sport every shade of jeans as long as it comes in the ‘boyfriend’ style. Like seriously, I don’t understand why more people aren’t into this trend. It’s the best excuse to be comfortable while staying chic. Boyfriend jeans are the perfect “sweatpants” alternative. Embrace that!

Wyatt and I like to do some exploring on our days off and just inhale this pretty cool city while we’re here. We really like going to basketball and football games but our absolute favorite thing to do is watch some good ole baseball. That’s what me and him both grew up watching. He played since he was little and I watched both my brothers since I was little as well. It’s in our blood. We both cannot wait to go to our first Rockies game of the year.

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With love,

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5 thoughts on “Cheers To The Weekend

  1. you’re so pretty!! these bf jeans are seriously perfect. i love your lipstick too! ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. I just love your posts and your enthusiasim for life and fashion. I seriously have some clothes envy at times. I live in Denver too and love to see some familiar backdrops in your photos. Keep it up, you are so fun!

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