Modern Day Snow White

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“Lips as red as the rose. Hair as black as ebony. Skin white as snow.”

If only, if only I could actually be a Disney character. I mean don’t we all wish that? We all want a happy ending and an apple that won’t kill us. I’ve always wondered why I didn’t get my mom’s golden, bronze, Hispanic skin. A long time ago it used to bug me that I didn’t get those Latina genes but I’ve accepted it. I’ve grown to love my porcelain skin and dark hair. I’m my very own Snow White. Since I cut my hair, I see the resemblance more and more. The irony of all this is that I hate the snow but I do love wearing white. White on white or even creamy whites is one of my favorite “go to” chic outfits. Celebrities do it all the time because it’s timeless just like the Disney princess in the book. I don’t think this trend will ever go out of style and neither will Snow White. Since starting my blog, I’ve learned to appreciate timeless looks. Simplicity is a something that I appreciate more and more with time but I will never let go of my bold factor. Ever. As of now, I’ve let go of the crazy prints and patterns. I still love color and prints but in moderation and in the right way. I’ve been stocking up my closet with pieces with will grow with me as I age. I’m done buying immature clothing if that makes any sense. Building your wardrobe this way will ensure that  you won’t have any regrets in 5, 10, 20 years on your wardrobe choices. It prevents those trips to the consignment shop as well. I will never get sick of styling this camel colored blazer, fleece pullover, and dot skirt. My favorite timeless pieces in one clean, feminine outfit. I only hope Snow White approves.

I ordered this skirt in a 0P at first but ended up with a 00P. Either Anthropologie’s clothes are getting bigger or I’m losing weight. Both are very likely.


©Karissa Marie

Skirt. Fleece Pullover. Blazer. Shoes- Zara

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