Girls With Red Lipstick

IMG_6405 IMG_6395IMG_6348 IMG_6327 IMG_6367IMG_6397 IMG_6362 IMG_6306IMG_6392 IMG_6320 IMG_6357I’m so lucky to have a friend that’s willing to dress up with me and take photos for nearly two hours while 100 strangers just stop and stare at us. (Creeps.) Alena and I had such a blast doing this Valentine’s Day inspired shoot. We dressed up in our love inspired clothes and cheesed it up for the camera. (Like we do best.) I felt like we hopped on a time traveling machine and walked on the “GREASE” movie set. “Tell me about it, stud.” I love that movie. Check out Alena’s Blog…HERE. By the way, Alena has influenced me to mix prints more often and I have influenced her to shop more at Anthropologie! Oh Ya! That’s friend #3 that I’ve got addicted to Anthro. I should be getting some commission for this.

It was more than tempting to stop between shots and eat all the ice-cream that was at this ice-cream bar where we were shooting but we had a job to do. Afterwards, we all went and stuffed our faces with greasy hamburgers. No wonder models are always hungry… It’s a tough job. I was in my comfort zone with this fun heart printed skirt, my turtleneck, and my favorite chic leather jacket. Oh, and my converse of course because what else would I be wearing in Downtown Denver? (JK. I wore heels that day too. Hehe.) I will be an outfit repeater and wear this ensemble on Valentine’s Day while out and about with my Valentine. I normally don’t repeat outfits but hey, sometimes you have to make exceptions in this life. This skirt only has a lifespan of February 10-February 14 every single year so I might as well give it the love and attention it deserves until I have to part ways and meet again next year around Valentines Day.

Oh ya… HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! May your day be filled with not only love but also lots and lots of chocolate.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

My outfit: Skirt. Top. Jacket-Zara (Similar) Shoes.

Check out Alena’s post HERE!

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