Modern & Modest Feat. Dainty Jewell’s

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I couldn’t choose just a few pictures for this post. There’s a WHOPPING 12 photos because this dress deserves that much. I really can’t explain the feeling I got in my stomach when I first put this dress by Dainty Jewell’s on. I guess some would call it “butterflies.” This fabulous number is for those girls that don’t mind taking risks, for the ones that find complete joy in leopard prints, and especially for those showstoppers out there. You know who you are. The print and shape is bold yet timeless. This stunning piece is more than capable to be worn at any age. I picture myself wearing this for the rest of my life not only because of the timeless factor but the extravagant material is top notch, trust me. The Peter Pan neckline is what made this dress in my opinion. I think this small detail transforms the dress from blah to bang. All of the dresses from Dainty Jewell’s are the epitome of modern and modest. They’re clothes are classy yet stylish. I appreciate a company that doesn’t have to show a lot of skin to sell their clothes. It’s so rare to find modesty these days. You go DJ! (That’s Dainty Jewell’s, for those that don’t understand my slang.)

More about Dainty Jewell’s- “Dainty Jewell’s originally began as a creative outlet for sixteen­year­old Charity Jewell. As a young woman intent on living a godly life, she desired to dress not only modestly but in a way that was classy and fashionable. Charity eventually began designing items to sell to other women with similar values and beliefs. She first began by simply upcycling tops, skirts, and dresses by adding embellishments; these bows, ruffles, and attention to dainty details on these garments was the start of a signature line that continues to the present in all of Dainty Jewell’s original designs. Throughout the last few years, Dainty Jewell’s has expanded not only as a modest clothing company but as a ministry for women all across the world who desire to present themselves as intentional ladies.” …More about their story on their dot com HERE.

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Dress. Heels-ZARA (similar)

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