Warm, Cozy and Glam Worthy

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Hello there. I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. It’s currently Saturday night and I’m obviously raising the roof. Not really, I’m sitting on the couch watching Saturday Night Live and eating cookie dough. This is my kind of Saturday night. Blogging in peace. The weather was shocking today. (Am I really talking about the weather? It must be time for bed.) It felt like a perfect summer day. Is it still January or what? I almost had to take off this cardigan, which would have been a major bummer because I just bought it and I’ve been so excited to wear it out. I have a feeling that this leopard print cardigan is going to be my “go to” cardigan. That kind of cardi that you throw over just about anything to keep you feeling cozy and warm. The material feels better than your blanket, I can promise you that. I could fall asleep in it and honestly… I’m really tempted to do that right now considering I’m nearly dozing off as I’m typing this. I think the subtle glitter threaded into the cardigan really glams up any outfit. It took this plain shift dress and transformed it into a worthy look. If you’re the type of girl that enjoys wearing all black, I strongly recommend that you think about purchasing this fun cardigan. Throwing this little guy over an all black outfit is the perfect duo. I decided to pair tall socks with this look because I’m one white girl. ha! My legs haven’t seen the sun in months. Sorry if I’m blinding you. I should have warned you from the beginning to grab your sunglasses. My white legs are out of control.




Cardigan (On Sale Now) | Dress | Socks | Fedora

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