3 Outfits in One: Dinner to the Movies to the Couch

You’re a busy girl. You’ve got a lot of places to be. You have no time to run back home and change every single time you have somewhere to go. Here’s a quick and easy how to guide on wearing one outfit, three different ways.

Step One: Create a simple color scheme that will be easier for you to transition from outfit to outfit.

Step Two: Choose a lightweight flow-y dress; one that is easy to layer.

Step Three: Pick a layer-able sweater top that is easy to knot to add some dimension and color to your already awesome dress. If you’re going to the movies, don’t miss this step because movie theaters can get real chilly.

Step Four: (If it’s not a winter wonderland where you live, you can skip this step.) Add some sexy to your outfit and rock some leather/pleather/faux leather WHATEVER to your outfit and you are good to go!

Bonus: Bring your converse along for the ride. No one likes hurt footsies from those high heels.

I’ll walk you through my kind of Friday night. I typically have a nice dinner with my boyfriend, we take a trip to the movies, and then end the night with some good ole couch time on our laptops while watching Breaking Bad.

My Outfit: I went with a light moss colored sweater top, a minted blue and pink dotted baby doll dress and to add a bit of sexiness, I chose some leather leggings to top it all off. It’s a simple color selection but it will get the job done.


Dinner Outfit 


Movie Outfit

Couch time Outfit IMG_4552IMG_4520IMG_4514Hope you all enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to subscribe and check out my YouTube Channel. Links Below!



Dress | Top | Leggings | Converse | Heels BCBG (similar)


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