White on White

IMG_3414IMG_3404IMG_3393 IMG_3405 IMG_3408 IMG_3420You know it’s winter time when I bring out my one and only fur jacket. Out of everything that I have in my closet, no matter where it was purchased in the world, this jacket is by far my favorite clothing item that I own. If something ever happened to it, I would just die. It goes with every single outfit. It’s timeless and fierce. Period. I wore this little outfit on Friday night date night. White on white is always chic when it’s done right. I added some pops of color, as you should, with my necklace, lips and statement pocket. I bet you’re all so sick of me wearing these booties but I’m not sick of wearing them. They go with every fall outfit and are the comfiest shoes that I own. I adore them. Sorry NOT sorry. But what I am sick of…is my hair. I’m in need of a fresh haircut and color. My hair has totally been annoying me lately so pulling it back, out of my face, is the best option for me right now. Mom, (my hairdresser) where are you when I need you? I need your magic touch!  🙂



Fur Jacket- D.A.S.H. NYC

Here are some fun faux fur jackets! Here, Here and Here

| Necklace | Top | Pants |

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