Color and Converse

IMG_2970IMG_2953 IMG_2969 IMG_2993IMG_2958 IMG_3010IMG_2965It’s safe to say that I have a Thanksgiving hangover. I have leftovers for days. My belly is at full capacity and my entire family went back home today. It’s back to reality. I know I moved far away to be on my own and start my life but it’s never fun saying goodbye to your loved ones. I don’t have a whole lot of friends or family here in Denver. It can get pretty lonely sometimes for Wyatt and I. It was nice to have my parents, my brother, Averie, and 3 kids keeping me occupied all weekend. I already miss my niece and nephews so much. Not waking up to their cute little voices in the morning makes me kind of sad. I didn’t get much sleep at all over the weekend but it’s all so worth it because family time is the best, beauty sleep can wait. We did a whole lot of eating, laughing, dancing, playing, shopping and celebrating. My twin nieces turned 6 on Black Friday and my niece Bella turns 4 this Wednesday. This time of year is always extra special because it feels like the love in the family overflows. We are so blessed to have our little ones in our lives. I really can’t imagine anything besides being an aunt. It’s my favorite thing to be. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. If you’re at home sitting on your phone or laptop regretting all those rolls you ate like I am right now…let’s just get your mind off of it and try to enjoy this little outfit post. Inspiration is everywhere… even when you’re bloated.



Jacket- Zara (SOLD OUT) | Pants | Top “Dusty Pink” |


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8 thoughts on “Color and Converse

  1. Just discovered your blog via Instagram–love your look and style! Could you by any chance what lipstick you are wearing? It is to DIE for!

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