Something Beautiful

IMG_3068IMG_3059 IMG_3064 IMG_3067 IMG_3077Some days more than others I have this sudden urge to dress like a rainbow. Have you noticed that I haven’t worn an all black outfit in forever? I mean that’s so 2013. Just kidding. But really, I wore nothing but black last year. I was honestly going through a lot, more than a lot, and wearing all black seemed to be easier. I felt depressed so why not be stereotypical and where all black? I’ve done a slight 180 since last year. I love to dress and live life in color. I never want that to change. A rainbow signifies a promise, happiness, and sunshine. Not to be cheesy but I’ve made it through the eye of the storm. I’m ready for the rainbow now. With that said not every day can be unicorns and smiley faces. I will always have those dark cloudy days for as long as I live but it’s about taking that sadness and creating something beautiful out of it. I want to be remembered as sunshine… so I’m gonna dress like it.

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving. Savor the food but also the moments with your loved ones. Take as many pictures as you can and say your “I love you’s.”



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