Fashion Color Report: Spring 2014

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to enjoy the Spring weather yet. I live in Colorado and just when I think Spring is here…it snows. Why. Besides the bummer of the weather, life has gotten a bit happier and brighter because of one thing in specific… Spring 2014 Trends. Let’s face it, we’re all obsessing over these pastels. It’s about time we face the sunshine. If you got sucked into the black on black Fall 2013 trend vortex like I did, you understand when I say that I can finally breathe again. What I mean is that these light pastels are refreshing. Am I right? I swear, I don’t think I can wear black ever again. No that’s a big lie… black is still amazing but I have some new favorite colors ladies…Hemlock (mint), Radiant Orchid (pastel purple), and Placid Blue (baby blue.) These 3 colors make my heart happy. I also can’t stop buying pastel pink. Pink has taken over my closet so much that my closet is starting look my moms. That lady bleeds pink. These colors signify a new fresh start to me and I’m embracing that with open arms.

Here’s some inspiration for your wardrobe and home. (I even made the collages myself. Go me)

These colors are taking over and I’m happy to hop on this bandwagon. Pastel 423fb35989eb10d3b83efea04175d9b8 982cc32b1b3a4b4936dd823b0e48b95b 0738384fb9defc7e2bbc9bb955c9237e 2137327552e26ec7e8b2cd06ce04953f36c973c421664929952b9d0c555999fa99c4123ad0d82d28a1c1d56aa4361a1bf08d221ed29842ff1c07bd03d61b352e Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.45.09 PM


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4 thoughts on “Fashion Color Report: Spring 2014

  1. I am very much inspired! I have a tendency to forget about my love for pastels until spring, and am quite in love with pastel pink (especially that pink bow tie)! 🙂

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