Oh So Girly Outfit

Hello all. Long time no see.

I just want to gush about my last weekend for a sec. I had the best time because my parents came to visit me in Denver! They were an absolute delight and I have to admit (even though I don’t want to) but I sure did miss them. We were busy, non-stop, the entire weekend. I’m currently resting on my couch with a cup tea while typing up this blog post. My eyes are wanting to shut but I’m pushing through it. Let’s do this. I can’t wait to take a bath later and just chill. My body needs a break but I had the best quality time with my parents. Being away from them has been good in so many ways, but I loved seeing them nonetheless. Shout out mom and dad! Love you.

Let’s get on with the outfit, shall we?

I just have to admit that I felt like such a GIRL in this outfit. From the fuzzy, pastel sweater to the head turning tulle skirt to the heels with the teal socks… Head to toe is pure girly-ness and sometimes that’s all a girl really needs…to dress up like a doll.

Tip: If you feel like an outfit is missing something, try to pair it with long, colored socks like I did. I thought that by adding these socks, it would take my look to another level, and I believe it did.

P.S. I have 3 interviews this week, let’s just say I need some prayers. So happy that opportunities are finally coming my way. Talk to you all soon. Stay girly!
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One thought on “Oh So Girly Outfit

  1. you are so pretty! love this color of pink on you!
    nice blog as well, I just started following you ❤

    check out my blog and let me know what you think on my latest outfit post 🙂


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