Valentine’s Day Lookbook/ 1 Sweater, 4 Ways

If you’re anything like me you wait until the last minute to pick out an outfit for Valentine’s Day. No shame in that because the best outfits are picked in a rush. I recently fell in love with this pink fluffy sweater which is SO unlike me. The lovey dovey stuff that surrounds this holiday has finally taken it’s effect on me. I don’t own much pink …like at all. This fluffy sweater reminds me of my mother. Pink is her favorite color. She would be proud. Love you mom. Anyways, here’s my Valentine’s Day Lookbook. ONE sweater, FOUR ways. 4 unique ways to girly up your fourteenth. Enjoy! (excuse the poor quality of photos)

The Girly Girl IMG_6773

The “5th Avenue ” or  “Life of the Party”  Girl

The Grunge Girl


The Tomboy


Which look is YOUR fav?

Follow me on Instagram @karissamariie and VOTE (on my latest picture) what you think I should wear on Valentines Day! Hurry, we don’t have much time! Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day whatever type of girl you are. Remember, you don’t need a guy to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Grab some chocolate, a chick-flick and a nice blanket and enjoy your Friday gurrrll! Xoxo,

Karissa Marie

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