Mint New Balance Shoes & Boyfriend Jeans

What I’m wearing constantly: My New Balance shoes and Zara Boyfriend jeans. NB + BF= OMG. These two take comfort to a whole new level. Comfort chic is what I should call it. I’m always telling girls what they need in their wardrobe and what’s worth buying and I would say that a nice pair of loose fitting jeans and a bright pair of tennis shoes is definitely worth the money. I got so many compliments in this outfit so I thought I would share with you all for some possible fashion inspo. Whatever you decide to wear, stay true to you but always try and step put of your style box…there’s so many fashion possibilities out there waiting for you. EMBRACE that.

Lets talk GOLD. This top is to die for.

1)The grey back t-shirt vibe adds comfort and uniqueness.

2) It’s metallic.

3) It’s bold. All three of these details makes this ASOS Top a winner in my collection. P.S. Follow me on Instagram @karissamariie   IMG_9126 IMG_9127 IMG_9132 IMG_9133 IMG_9135 IMG_9138 IMG_9162   Top. Jeans. Shoes.

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