Merry Christmas ||2014||

IMG_3642IMG_3644IMG_3656IMG_3659IMG_3662IMG_3668IMG_3677IMG_3697IMG_3706Merry Christmas! It’s 1:30 am Christmas day. I’m currently munching on some biscochitos by the fire place. I hope Santa doesn’t mind that I’m eating all of his cookies and milk. He should know better to be honest. My stomach is full but so is my heart. I’m in my new pink pajamas. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree. The kiddos are sleeping. My mom and dad are snoring. It feels so good to be back home in New Mexico. I love this house on the corner. It shaped me into who I am. These walls are filled with memories that I wish I could re-live. I learned how to ride my bike on this street. I fell in love on this doorstep. I had endless amounts of sleepovers with my best childhood friends here. Wyatt and I had our first kiss down the street. Every Christmas that I can remember is in this house. There’s so much love I feel like the door could bust open any second now. I’ve only spent a year in the city but coming home is something totally different to me. I appreciate everything a little more. The smell of green chili, the funny sound that our microwave makes, the door knobs, home cooked meals, dad’s laugh, mom’s goofiness, my brothers hug….they all make this place home. Home may not be where my future is but home is what made me. More importantly, home is where I had my last and only memories with my late brother. I could not be more grateful for the memories that we shared here. Lots of giggles are held in this place. My family may not be whole but our home is. Lasting and loving memories were made here and that’s something that money can’t buy. So my friends, cherish these moments with your loved ones. Savor the good stuff. It’s not about the presents underneath the tree but the love that surrounds it. I love you all. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. I hope your day is filled with laughter and joy



…and cute new clothes.



P.S. I am so very relieved that these photos ended up happening. I’ve been so busy packing, moving to a new apartment (blog post on that later) and working, that I barely have enough time to eat, let alone get all dolled up and take cute-sy pictures with my boyfriend. This was NOT effortless let me tell you. This post would nothing without my adorable skirt from Shabby Apple. It was made for this Christmas photo shoot. I felt like those little angels that you put on top of your tree. I didn’t feel festive this entire month until I put on this skirt. So in love. Thank you Shabby Apple for making my Christmas so fabulous.


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