My Zumba Outfit

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Coming from a girl that loved being active and danced her whole life, it’s quite ironic that fitness is no longer a part of my daily, weekly or (embarrassingly) monthly routine. I’m unmotivated. I’d like to think my lack of motivation comes from not being able to find a fitness program that suits me. I’m on the hunt for a great dance company/studio in the NYC area if anyone knows any. I would love to take some barre classes for toning but I’m more interested in some freestyle, hip-hop based dance classes where I can get dowwwn, if you know what I mean. In the meantime I love staying active and participating in some Zumba every now and then. It releases endorphins and all the negative energy while still having a blast. Working out shouldn’t be so serious. I highly recommend trying it ladies if you haven’t.

I can’t say goodbye without mentioning how absolutely adorable this work out set it is. I’m so in love with the soft blue shade, detailing and the material…oh my.

The best workout gear that will actually make you want to workout. 

With love,

©Karissa Marie

P.S. My sweet Finley was very eager to be in these photos and I’m so happy we decided to let him join us. He’s such a natural! Maybe I should sign him up for some doggie modeling. Wink wink.

Top. Bottom. Shoes. BackPack.

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