The beauty of jumpsuits.

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Before you go judging my shoes. My brother had shoes like these, without the heel obviously. Every time I wear them I feel him walking with me. He’s present with me all the time but I guess it was just an excuse to buy another pair of shoes. He would approve, I know he would. Back to the outfit. I felt like a very fashionable janitor. Haha. I’m just being honest. Though this jumpsuit might be better suited for someone taller than 5’5″, I still enjoyed wearing it. There’s no way I would turn down a jumpsuit, no way. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t wearing pajamas. It was THAT comfortable. There’s something about the suede-like material that makes go “ooo” “ahh.” So soft. I went for a more Top Gun kind of look with this jumpsuit, or that’s what I was told anyways, but you can dress this up with a red lip and black strappy heels if you would prefer. That’s the beauty of jumpsuits, they never let you down.

Jumpsuit | Shoes | Purse | Lipstick- Morange by MAC



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The Perfect Dress

IMG_1617 IMG_1628 IMG_1641 IMG_1656 IMG_1658 IMG_1662 IMG_1671 IMG_1672Are you looking for the perfect dress? You can stop searching my lady because it’s right here. You’re welcome. I think everyone and their mother owns this Anthropologie dress. I feel like I see it everywhere. My favorite fashion bloggers rock this dress all the time. It’s even more beautiful in person, trust me. It’s truly one of those dresses that you can wear all year long. I’m constantly searching for new ways to wear it because I wear it so often. Adding this mustard yellow bomber and belt made this baby doll dress a little more fall appropriate and a little more fun. This dress caught my eye because it reminds me of my Spanish heritage. I feel like I can wear this dancing to spanish music while cooking green chili enchiladas in the kitchen with my mama. Muy Bonita!

Xoxo, Karissa

Bomber Jacket | Dress | Shoes |

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