Button-Downs Don’t Have To Be So Boring







IMG_8780I mean, based on the pictures, can’t you tell how much fun I’m having in my little button down? Wearing button-downs don’t have to be so boring, ladies. In fact, they are the opposite but that’s all up to how you decide to wear it. I absolutely love to wear my button downs (or button up, however you want to say it) with a statement skirt or high waisted trousers. I don’t know what I would do without all of my different pairs of high waisted trousers because they have truly evolved my wardrobe into everything that it was meant to be. As a fashion lover, I can’t go a week without throwing on a pair into my daily wardrobe because they are just so versatile and there’s nothing better to spice up a button down. When I first purchased this blue, white and red striped beauty I was worried it was too “Fourth of July-ish” but that’s not the case at all! Also, there’s nothing wrong with representing our country when it’s not a national holiday…Just a regular Monday will do just fine too! When pairing a button down with anything high waisted, I always make sure that that my button-down can be comfortably tucked into my pants. The length of the top makes such a difference. Good thing this hankercheif style of top is so versatile. Tucked in or out, it WILL turn heads.

Anthropologie finally restocked this lovely top on their website. Check out the link down below to see how beautiful this top flows when it’s not tucked in. Take out your button-downs, because we all have them, and try to find new ways to love them and show them their full potential. Button-downs are meant for so much more than just the corporate world my friends! Have Fun! XOXO!

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Work Attire: Stripes & Button Ups

IMG_4788 IMG_4797 IMG_4799 IMG_4808 IMG_4812Work attire should LOOK like work but FEEL like a vacation. Nine to five in head to toe fabulous is what work attire should be (in my book). Say good-bye to hand-me-down grey blazers and uncomfortable pencil skirts. Dressing professional is so different nowadays. I really think corporate businesses are more accepting of personalized work attire. If this isn’t true in your case, it’s a bummer you’re boss is a stickler. As long as your outfit incorporates these four things: professionalism, sophistication, conservatism, and a sense of drive…I don’t see the problem in expressing who you are in the corporate world. Nothing is more inspiring to me than seeing a woman work her little booty off all day long, 5 days a week in heels. Dressing nice is just proof that you have good taste and what boss wouldn’t appreciate that? I think people gain more respect when they take the time to really elevate their appearance. You’re colleagues will automatically feel threatened which I think in the “dog eat dog world” isn’t such a bad thing. If you wanted to step up your work game just add a sophisticated black blazer to this look and you’re golden.

Once you have a better outlook on dressing for your 9 to 5 job, you’re gonna look and feel you’re best and that just leads to more promotions, gigs, jobs, and SUCCESS! Go get ’em ladies (and gents).

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