//Baby Comfort Organic Lounge Bed//

In a world full of Dock-A-Tot’s and Snuggle Me Organics, I wanted to bring you an alternative to the infant lounge bed that so many families are loving–The Baby Comfort Infant Lounge Bed. It’s a must have nowadays to request a lounge bed on your baby registry. Most moms can’t even imagine their life without an easy portable bed for their baby, especially in those early stages of development. The Baby Comfort is ideal for infant ages 0-6 months. Their uniquely hand-crafted design is geared towards comfort and relaxation making an emphasis on the term “portable.” You can bring a comforting space for your baby in ANY room in the house, which I love. It also claims to be great for transitioning to tummy time, propping and learning to sit and push up which is what Everly is doing a ton of these days. I love the variety of designs that Baby Comfort offers, I chose this gender neutral orange print so that all my babies can enjoy lounging out.

Here are my pros:

Safe design. Easy to clean. Large enough to grow into. Fun designs to choose from. Good for propping up baby. Great for tummy time. My baby girl LOVES hanging out in it.

Here are my cons: 

Not so travel friendly because of size. Stiff padding but it could soften through time.


Whether you’re a new mom or a mom-to-be, I highly suggest you do your research on Infant Lounge Beds and what is best for your lifestyle but as for me, I couldn’t live without them! My Baby Comfort is my go-to when putting my baby down as I tackle a couple of errands here and there. She’s safe and comfortable and that’s all a mama wants, right?

Check out The Baby Comfort for yourself!


With love,

Karissa Marie


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