A Blue Summer

A blue summer it is.

I have a lot of very special pieces in my wardrobe that I will cherish for so many different reasons and pieces that I will never get rid of and some I may even hold onto just to pass down to my daughters someday. This jumpsuit is one of those really special pieces to me. It is beautifully made and carefully stitched to perfection. The price tag is something I wouldn’t normally consider, and trust me I got it during a promotion but I just knew it would be a piece in my wardrobe that I would just love until the end of time. You can see it for yourself that it’s stunningly sweet with just a hint of sexy with the open back. I got endless amounts of “I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!” when I wore this the other day. It makes a girl feel good and that’s just worth it to me.

Not to mention I especially love the color blue nowadays. I like to the think I’m representing my love to my little boys. Silly, but it’s the truth.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

S H O P  M Y  L O O K 

Romper. Hat.

Foundation. Lipstick “Kinda Sexy”

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