Pink Lemonade

Since delivering my twins, it’s no secret that I’ve had issues with my body. I just don’t look or feel the same and yes, this is normal after pregnancy but what I struggle with is the fact that I don’t have my babies here with me. Mentally, that changes things. I explained it better in my “Loving Your Body After Miscarriage” post but what I’m trying to say is that the thought of wearing this strapless dress with a fitted bodice was terrifying to me. I just told myself to not let the fear of feeling ugly keep you from wearing that gorgeous dress you’ve been wanting to wear.

It was a small milestone for me. I still don’t feel like myself yet but maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s okay for me to feel and look a little different. My body created two beautiful little boys and because of this I gained a little extra weight in the places I did not want to gain weight and that’s okay. I provided for my babies, for only a short amount of time, but I still provided. This body is my reminder, everyday, that I created two angels.

Give me a bottle of pink lemonade, a sherbet colored dress and some yellow flats and I’d be one happy lady.

S h o p  M y  L o o k


Lipstick-“Kinda Sexy” | Foundation

This dress comes in two other colors but HURRY!

They’re selling fast because they’re on sale! 

1 | 2 | 3

With love,

©Karissa Marie

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