Pregnancy Update (Week Seventeen)

Hello my lovely friends.

I swear it was just yesterday I was taking a pregnancy test and crying with Wyatt over the news of our positive result. Jump to week eleven and there we are in the ultrasound room completely shocked out of our minds that we were having twins. Now here we are, Week Seventeen. Can time slow down just a little? I’m savoring every second with these sweet babies in my belly. Only hoping and praying that they’re growing okay and receiving every bit of nutrients they can. The babies will be here in four short months and I just cannot even believe it. We’re almost halfway through the pregnancy! WHAT! (Twins are typically born one month before their due date.)

My second trimester has most definitely been much easier than my first. Ladies, no one is kidding or exaggerating when they talk about how excruciating morning sickness is. UNREAL! I feel just so blessed to be alive right now because for a moment there I saw death. (Hehe.) But really, my morning sickness was ongoing and nonstop until Week Fifteen. Praise the Lord it’s since been a lot easier to handle. I’m still feeling really tired and can only handle a few hours outside the comfort of my own bed but I’m learning that it’s okay to listen to my body. If I need more rest, I’m no longer ashamed of asking for it. I take my happy butt to the couch, throw on some Netflix and just sit there for hours!

On the flip side, staying active is VERY important. Wyatt trains me for 45 min-60 min twice a week at his gym. Right now we’re focusing on strengthening my back because I’ve always been prone to back pain and there’s nothing that scares me more than having chronic back pain during the end of my pregnancy. We’re also trying to strengthen my endurance. It’s no fun walking up one flight of stairs and immediately feel winded! I’ve got a long way to go honey.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. MY GROWING BABY BUMP! Statistically, women who are pregnant with twins typically gain 5-7 pounds by Week 17…I’ve gained 15 pounds. HA! Those comments like “Wow, you’re showing so fast” and “You’re belly is huge” no longer effect me (kinda) because before I got pregnant I was only 95 pounds and I’M CARRYING TWINS! Give a girl a break. I was so worried I wasn’t eating enough for them because there would be days I couldn’t eat anything at all due to my severe morning sickness. I’m thankful for these extra pounds and the extra curves that come along with it because that just means my babies are getting more than enough.

M-A-M-A  P-O-W-E-R!

{ I’ve gotten so many questions on if we’re finding out the sex of our precious babies and we’re actually NOT going to find out. I think some things should remain a mystery and we only have to wait four months until we meet our angels so what’s the point! Paint colors for the nursery can wait. }

Within the next few weeks, we’re really going to be buckling down on ultrasounds and other doctor appointments. We have many hours ahead to look forward to spending in the hospital. Two babies mean twice the complications. I’ll be having an ultrasound every two weeks from here on out. Every time my doctor will check my cervix to prepare  and prevent preterm labor. Pregnancy is beautiful and nothing compares to it but no one tells you how scary it is. I worry all the time. Are my babies okay? Are they eating enough? Is Baby A catching up to Baby B or his he/she still behind in growth? SO. MANY. UNANSWERED.QUESTIONS. This is where I have to put my entire trust in my God. He wouldn’t have picked me out to be a twin mommy if he didn’t think I couldn’t handle it. I remind myself of this every day.

 I cannot even express to you my gratitude for these tremendous blessings. Every second of everyday Wyatt and I are thanking God for gifting us with not just one life but two. From the moment we found out we were pregnant God hasn’t stopped blessing us and we feel so overwhelmed by his unending grace. He has truly answered every one of our prayers. Never give up on hope. Have faith in His plan because the moment you let go and give all control to Him, your life will never be the same.

Until the next BUMPdate,

©Karissa Marie

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