Love & Pizza

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Love and some delicious New York pizza is all you need. My t-shirt says it all. If I had just these two things for the rest of my life, I think I’d be okay.

If wearing galactic inspired pants scares you, just bring them back down to earth with a casual tee. It softens the look and balances things out. I rocked this look during fashion week but don’t put it past me to rock a similar look every day of the week. Moving to NYC has really opened my eyes to more and more fashion and street style inspiration. No one cares what you wear. Everyone has such an open mind here. Wearing silly space pants on a Sunday is no big deal. I love it.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


Top (Similar HERE.) Pants (Similar HERE. HERE.) Shoes. Bandana. Purse

Foundation. Lipstick

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