A Girl And Her Pineapple

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Meet Stanley, Stanley the pineapple. I brought Stanley around with me everywhere I went when in Hawaii. The funny thing is that I don’t actually like eating pineapple all that much but I do love a good photo shoot with one. It’s like the perfect accessory when galloping around town. A guy even asked me, “What in the world are you doing with that pineapple?” Well sir, I don’t even know.

I miss Hawaii, I miss the ocean but what I miss the most is the beautiful scenery. Big, bold and beautiful flowers were on every corner. I felt like I was dreaming. The vibrant colors nearly hurt my eyes. Talk about a fashion bloggers dream.

Let’s talk about checked print for a moment shall we? I’m giving you a heads up now- this fun pattern will be this summers hot trend. I’ve already seen all sorts of variety of the checked pattern in nearly every clothing store I’ve come across and I’m not hating it. I’ve been a sucker and have already purchased enough of it to last me all summer. This dress is one of those purchases and I’m in love.


©Karissa Marie


Dress-Zara | Purse | Hat | Sandals

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