On The Run

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Coffee: A recent discovery of mine that I can no longer live without.

I stayed far far away from coffee after I realized that I could no longer be functional without it. I began having horrible panic attacks if I took too much or not enough. My body became too dependent in such a short amount of time. Since I’ve been nearly 4 years sober from coffee, Wyatt decided that it might be a good idea for me dip my toes back in and try just a little bit of coffee a day. Oh, man. I’m in love. I’m no doctor but I do know a little bit of caffeine a day does wonders and it’s necessary for a girl like me to even roll out of bed. There was a while there where I couldn’t even move on my days off from work. I stayed in bed not because I wanted to but because I HAD to. My brain and my body were over exhausted and there was no way of them catching up. Over the last week, I’ve only had about 2 full cups of coffee in total and I’ve already started to notice an increase in my activity. I’m officially the girl on the run again. The day no longer has enough hours for me.

Well, it could be the coffee but I’m also pretty sure the great weather has something to do with it. I’m a summer girl. Always have and always will be. There’s something about the sunshine that brings out the very best in me. I’m excited to see where this new discovery will take me. Maybe not very far but I’m happy with the small amount of progress I’ve made. The best thing about coffee for me is that I’m sleeping better at night. Who would have thought?

Thank you coffee… just thank you.

The perfect outfit for the girl on the run like me is minimal and ultra chic. I tend to reach for my stripes and my distressed denim. Once I throw on my fashion forward mules, I am out the door.

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Top (Zara)-Similar. Jeans. Mules. Sunglasses.

Foundation. Lipstick.

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2 thoughts on “On The Run

  1. lusting over those mules but they don’t have my size 😦 i found a similar one at old navy and at a great price, too! thought i’d share with everyone coveting them too.

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