Sweater Sweetness

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Every year I go a little overboard with the sweater purchases. Every place that I’ve lived has had harsh winters so you can’t blame me for wanting to be a little prepared. I find so much comfort and peace in snuggling up with a good pullover, don’t you? I’ve owned every kind of sweater from fuzzy pink ones to ugly Christmas ones and sometimes it’s just nice to strip down the nonsense and wear a simple cream pullover. Not only is cream chic but it goes with absolutely everything. I can’t think of one tiny thing that this particular sweater doesn’t go with and that’s how you know that you made a good purchase.

Another recent clothing item in my closet that I just can’t stop gushing over is this fun, chevron printed sweater skirt. Teal and a minimal chevron print in one? Sign me up! This pull-on pencil skirt has been my go to piece and preferred silhouette as of lately. I really can’t stop styling different ways to wear them. Pencil skirts have just been my current fashion craving. Heck, I have more on their way in the mail.

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Skirt. Sweater. Boots.


Foundation. Lipstick.

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4 thoughts on “Sweater Sweetness

  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with this whole outfit! Especially that skirt, I would be so afraid to purchase a skirt like that because I wouldn’t know how to style it but now I don’t see how I don’t already have a statement skirt like that in my closet! And that length is perfect!!

    Hayley – smartypantsfashion.com

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