Pumpkin Patch

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I had no idea I would ever be the type to get excited to go to the pumpkin patch. I’ve been dying to go to one since the beginning of October but due to a busy schedule, no sleep, and the sun going down at 5:30pm, I just haven’t been able to. Wyatt and I finally got a day off together since we went to New York in August and we were so thrilled to spend it at a pumpkin patch. We felt like such outcasts because everyone was there with their little families. Wyatt and I have our own little family, just me and him, and we’re happy. We are already planning on having a bigger family of our own very soon so seeing all the nuggets there at the patch was a reminder of what we might possibly have next October and… WE CAN’T WAIT!

Our first day off together began with a short and sweet doctors appointment for me that went very well. Afterwards, we went to our favorite breakfast spot called “Snooze” where I got the best thing on their menu: a breakfast burrito. Mmm. So good. We came straight home and watched a few episodes of our latest addiction, “Sons of Anarchy.” I know, I was surprised just as much as you probably are, but we’re actually liking it so far. I doubt it will be as good as Breaking Bad though. After the show, we took a nap because what is October without a little mid-day nap? Then we got dressed and ready to head to the pumpkin patch! The rest of our evening was spent relaxing in our pj’s (which is my all time favorite thing to do) and eating junk food and watching more television. I can only pray that we continue to have more relaxing days off together. It’s so nice to just recharge with our best friend, isn’t it?

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