Culottes & Deleting My Blog

IMG_9977 IMG_9962 IMG_9979 IMG_9976 IMG_9967I’ve broken up with jeans and found a new love: Culottes. I love the fact that they are so trendy and fun but more importantly how comfortable and freeing they are. No matter how dressed up I get there’s always one thing that remains important to me and that’s being comfortable in my clothing. There’s nothing I love more than looking fancy and feeling great. Zara has been my one stop shop for  all of those things. From business, to everyday, to glam, this store has it all to make a girl feel amazing. They also have mens and kids clothing which is even better. My entire outfit is from Zara. Since I’ve rocked Zara so much over the years, I’ve gotten so many people addicted to it. You’re welcome by the way.

I’ve have been s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g with typing up these blog posts. Heck, taking the pictures has been the most frustrating part of all. I’m not like most fashion bloggers who their entire job is blogging. Nope not me girlfriend. I have a full time job and responsibilities and don’t have the time or energy like I used to. I guess it’s all part of growing up. Today, for the very first time, I contemplated deleting my blog. I know I know, it’s shocking. I just feel really unsupported and overwhelmed. I feel like I’m the only person that wants this blog to remain successful and fun. I’m not going to name names but it seems like other people that are part of the production of my website, well, their hearts aren’t in it anymore and that’s the most difficult part. I’m not satisfied with the content and I’m just over being the only one that cares. Story of my life actually.


My rant is over. Enjoy your day.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


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Top. Culottes. Shoes. Bag.

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8 thoughts on “Culottes & Deleting My Blog

  1. Don’t delete your blog 😱 I’m always reading it, and getting outfit inspiration from you. I know what you mean though it’s hard to keep up with, but it’s definitely worth it! Hope you decide to stay

  2. Aw, don’t delete it!! I love reading your blog. Maybe diversifying your content would create a more exciting posting experience? I’d love to see beauty posts, monthly favorites or maybe some traveling posts! Having content that you can create by yourself has really helped me keep on top of posts and given me the freedom when others don’t necessarily have the time to help out!

  3. Don’t delete your blog! I love love your blog posts and outfits! You are adorable!! I know what you are feeling though with the whole full time job thing! It’s really hard for me too!! Keep it up though girly! You do a wonderful job!! 😉

  4. Please don’t delete your blog! As a fellow Colorado blogger I beg you! You are a true style inspiration. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years. I know it can get frustrating. I recommend taking a step back and taking a break for a bit. Then it will feel fun again! Or, if you want to be amongst others who “get it”, come to some of the Denver Style Magazine meetups! The next on is on Thursday. They are way fun and full of other bloggers who understand your predicaments! 😉

  5. I only discovered your blog recently but you’re absolutely adorable and your style is incredible. I really enjoy the outfit ideas, so if it counts for anything, I’d love to see this blog continue!

  6. Karissa, you are a visionary and an inspiration and I and many others would be devastated if you stopped blogging and giving us good, pure, genuine, and fabulous content. Your decision is your decision, but I just want you to know that you are a huge part of why I started my blog and it would be a shame to see all your hard work go to waste and disappear. If there’s ever anything you need or someone to talk to I’m here! ❤️❤️ Much love, Marvin

  7. Please don’t delete your blog ever! I rather you post less frequently than to stop. This seems like something you love, but more importantly, something I can’t live without! Haha jk. But seriously you are one, if not the only, blogger I actually enjoy every post. I went shopping today and OMG GIRL I was the most uninspired I’ve ever felt. So I came home and saw you in my email and now I feel inspired again! You’re so eclectic in such an amazing way and you’re little like me so I kind of get an idea of what it will look like! Please don’t stop no matter how mean people are. Sometimes were the only keepers of our dream. At the end of the day, it is only us who can make it happen. I always remember someone somewhere saying this awesome thing: you know how when you try to open a jar and you’re struggling and you just CANT!? Then you get help and somebody opens it without a struggle. You know why? You did all the hard work and if you would’ve kept going a bit longer, you would’ve been able to do it yourself. Don’t think about big picture and just try a little harder every day. You never know if one more effort from you could make all your jars open up! I know it’s cheesy but it kinda gets me through the hard times. That and crying my eyes out til I see how ridiculous I’m being haha. Love you girl and I can’t wait to see your style continue to evolve.

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