The Confetti Dress

IMG_9591 IMG_9583 IMG_9586 IMG_9581 IMG_9556I call this my confetti dress because it looks like a party just threw up all over it. The very moment I laid my eyes on this dress I knew I had found my summer love. The muted pastel polka dots creates such a “I love summer” kind of vibe without being too overwhelming. This is that kind of dress where people will continue to stop, stare and swoon even if you feel like it’s magic has worn off. I, unfortunately, feel like an outfit loses it’s purpose after one go around. Sometimes, I cannot wear an outfit twice, (well I can but I choose not to) because I believe it loses some sort of “magic” that it holds only once or twice of wear. It sounds very foolish but being a fashion blogger, I’m always looking for more. What’s new? What’s in-style? Another positive about being the fashion lover that I am is finding more and more ways to sustain that magic for as long possible. My favorite thing to do, when I’m bored, is reinvent my wardrobe. I love taking oldies but goodies and making them feel like new by adding a trendy piece. That’s a fashionista’s biggest secret. You will see this dress again, in a different form I’m sure. I love wearing things more than twice as long as I make it unique every single time, whether I change up an accessory or shoe, the magic will never stop.

Just like everything else in fashion AND in life, the magic is only there if you allow it to be.

With love,

©Karissa Marie


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