Scooters In Summer

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Okay, hold up. A scooter printed top? Sign me up! I don’t think there is a cooler top on this planet to be honest. I got nothing but compliments and funny stares when I wore this lightweight, preppy tank and I didn’t mind because I know it’s the best. The shape is short and boxy: Exactly how I like my men. Ha. Just kidding Wyatt. I would wear this top with simple skinny or relaxed jeans on a casual day but decided to spruce it up with my favorite paperbag trousers.

I wore this look for 8 hours straight (because I have a big girl job now) and it was so comfortable and didn’t bother me at all. Sometimes even the cutest outfits can get a little uncomfortable but no, not this one. I really look for durable, sustainable outfits nowadays because I have to be able stand all day and move around easily in them. Looking cute is only my second priority. I seriously suggest checking out all the color ranges in this top because they might just be the silkiest and smoothest summer tank I’ve ever owned. I have nothing negative to say about it. So there.

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Top. Bottoms. Shoes.

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