IMG_9298A fashionista is nothing without her statement heels and her statement heels are nothing without healthy, strong feet. I am all about foot care because my poor feet get the worst of it. My job requires me to stand, run, walk in heels 8 hours a day. I want to make sure my prized possessions (my shoes) are still a big part of my daily life so that means taking good care of my feet.


I’ve had the opportunity to try out many foot care products and many of them are great but not exactly what I’m looking for. When Solemates reached out to me, I had reached a point where I thought I would never find the right products to soothe and heal by tired feet. After trying out the products I can honestly say that my feet feel 10x fresher and stronger.


♥ One of my favorite products from the SoleMates collection would be their baby powder scented spray that eliminates all bacteria inside your shoes while keeping them smelling like new! It also prevents sweaty feet and who doesn’t want that?

Blister Blocker

♥Their Blister Blocker Anti-Friction balm is a very important product to me and I refuse to leave the house without it nowadays. This balm prevents friction which also prevents those red, painful blisters we all hate. It glides on smoothly without leaving a greasy residue which is a plus.


♥This sponge is the perfect match for those shoes that have had too much love over the years. This magical tool is self explanatory and it’s a must have for you fashionistas like me.


♥ There is nothing worse than banged up shoes and accessories. Let’s protect those that we love the most with some leather protecter spray. It works on leather, suede, and even fabric. Take care of those hard earned shoes why don’t ya.

High Heeler

♥ Okay. This last, but certainly not least, product is so cool and handy. This summer I’m sure you will attend at least one wedding or barbecue. One of which is bound to be on grass and there is no way I’m sacrificing looking cute in heels. You can now leave those flats at home because this product actually keeps your heels from falling deep into the grass. No more embarrassing walks down the isle that’s for sure.

IMG_9306If you’re a high heel kind of gal and want to start taking care of not only your shoes but your feet as well, I really do recommend investing in some great foot care products. Behind every fashionista are great products that keep her going.

SoleMates is the answer!

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With Love,

©Karissa Marie

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