B Is For Blouse

IMG_9056 IMG_9054 IMG_9064 IMG_9038 IMG_9060 IMG_9040 IMG_9059B is for best blouse ever. Bulky, boxy, blouse-y, you know name it, I want to wear it. I’ve always been a fan of shapeless pieces. I love oversized blouses and dresses more than the average girl should. I think what I love about this blouse in particular is the femininity it brings to any outfit. The relaxed butterfly sleeves make me feel like such a girl but completely relaxed all at the same time. Nothing is better than that in my opinion. I really wanted to dress up this light blue beauty to the max to show you what it’s capable of and what colors look best with this shade of blue. I plan on wearing it with many other bottoms besides this statement tulle skirt. My staple black skinny jeans or my current favorite bow-tie shorts are great candidates as well. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Blouses are beauties thats for sure.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


Top. Skirt. Shoes.

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