Oh No! I’m In A Shopping Rut!

IMG_8592 IMG_8578 IMG_8581 IMG_8588 IMG_8586 IMG_8594 IMG_8580This outfit is full of oldies but goodies. Even though some of the pieces in this look might not be available to purchase I still hope this post gives you some sort of inspiration. How to pair t-shirts with skirts. How to mix textures and prints. How to really step up your girly side. What I love about fashion blogs is that it’s not about buying every single item in their posts from head to toe. It’s really about taking their look, finding similar pieces in your own closet, and creating something completely new, something that’s totally unique and you. I see a lot of people get discouraged about reading fashion blogs and not being able to purchase their look, but I guarantee you already have similar pieces in your closet that you might have neglected.

I’ve been stuck in a shopping rut for the past month and half (I haven’t boughten ANYTHING.) All of my favorite stores from Anthropologie to Zara just don’t have anything out that I’m in love with. Online shopping and in-store shopping has never been so disappointing. I don’t like anything! So desperate times call for desperate measures. When I get in a rut like this, with no new fabulous clothing items to play with, I give a little extra attention to my oldies. This really gives me a chance to REINVENT my own wardrobe and try out new ways to style my favorites.

Style is NOT about buying every new little thing on the market. Don’t stress if you’re not crazy about the current trends or if your not financially ready to buy clothes. What you already own is ready to be taken out into the world in new and exciting ways! Get creative with the clothes you already have. Challenge yourself. 

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Top. Skirt. Shoes-Zara. Bag.

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7 thoughts on “Oh No! I’m In A Shopping Rut!

  1. Great post. I call this shopping in my closet for my new look… I do accessories different sometimes also. Sometimes its better than going to the store because I like them already.

  2. Hello Karissa,

    Love this outfit! I am planning to purchase online the pilcro carpenter jeans that look amazing on you but was wondering how the fit was. Did you buy true to size or did you size down? I love that it looks relaxed on you but still slim and fitted. Unfortunately, there isn’t an anthropologie near me so I can’t try them on but have been wanting them since I saw them on your blog.

  3. Hi Karissa! I was sitting at the airport today catching up on your blog posts when another person on my flight came up to me and said you follow Karissa, too? She’s my style inspiration! We both chatted about how everything you put together is nothing short of amazing and how you look like you came straight out of a modern fairytale. Just thought I’d share the story with you! 🙂

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