The Best Jumpsuit of All Time

IMG_8428 IMG_8440 IMG_8409 IMG_8405 IMG_8426 IMG_8445 IMG_8399I bought this fabulous tropical inspired jumpsuit in the middle of winter thinking that it would make winter go by faster. No not at all. After nearly months of watching it just wilt away in my closet, I finally got the chance to wear this sweet jumpsuit of mine out and about in the city. Unfortunately, I picked the windiest day of the year to wear it and take pictures but that’s my luck and I’m used to it. Wyatt and I did our best to have patience with the wind and take some of the shots when the wind died for half of a second. Everyone thinks that photo shoots are so glamourous but trust me, there’s a lot of factors that can ruin a shot and eventually, my mood. Wyatt and I pulled it off and I just hope we did this jumpsuit justice because it truly is the coolest jumpsuit I own. I normally stay away from tribal prints but I’ve proven myself wrong time and time again. I will try anything (fashion-ly speaking) once. I cannot wait for the day that I can take it with me on a tropical vacation because that’s where this bad boy belongs. Somewhere on the beach with my toes in the water. Ahh… I can see it now.

Ok back to reality.

If you’ve been seeing this jumpsuit all around Instagram and think you might need it in your life, I strongly recommend that you try it on in store first. It fits everyone differently. I got lucky with this jumpsuit and didn’t have to take it to a tailor but you might have to underneath the arms. I got a 00Petite for those that are curious!


With love,

©Karissa Marie


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