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Hello There Friends!

We all love playing dress up. We all love new fresh clothing. We also enjoy a little surprise at our door step once in awhile. This is why we all need to join a subscription service. Let me introduce you to Style Check-in.

A newly launched members-only, monthly clothing subscription. Their website is so adorable and original that the website itself is worth checking out. Here’s their fabulous motto: “Style Check-In grants you fashion at your fingertips. Our agents are here to make sure you never say those dreaded words, “I have nothing to wear!” and are always answering the question, “Where did you get that?” Becoming a member gives you a one way ticket to your dream closet. We’re steering you into forward fashion. Can you see the light?”

This is it people. Subscription services are the future. No need to fight it any longer, just join one. There’s no commitment. You can walk away any time you feel like. You’re left with clothing that you might not have chosen on your own but it feels good to step out of that comfort zone. You’re free from making concrete decisions because there’s a built in stylist that will make those outfit decisions for you. You only have one job and that’s to take a quick 2 min Q& A about your own personal style. Style Check-In allows you to live your life and look good while doing it. A total win win!

Here’s a fabulous way to spend 79 dollars a month.

  • Personalized style assesment
  • 3 unique pieces of clothing per box
  • Free Shipping
  • Hand-picked selections from our fashion attendants
  • Comfort in affordable pricing

In my box I received a whole a lot of love but as for the clothing I got this white skirt with black horizontal lines that looks fabulous with an all black outfit. In addition to that I received a pink dress with grey sleeves and a silky smooth top. I love how “out of the box” all my pieces are and I can’t wait to style them uniquely.

For more information simply visit their website-here.


With love,

©Karissa Marie

 Style Check-In


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