We Never Go Out Of Style// 6 Years <3

IMG_5623IMG_5610 IMG_5572 IMG_5643 IMG_5611IMG_5639 IMG_5651IMG_5646IMG_5612IMG_5635IMG_5586IMG_5632 Whatever life throws at me, I’m never alone. Every time I fall, he falls. Every time he cries, I cry. Even if we fail, we fail together. I’m more than positive that I am luckiest girl in the world because of him. Wyatt has seen me crumble to the absolute worst version of myself. He’s stood there with me through the deaths of my two best friends. He wiped every tear of mine through every stage of depression. He has calmed my overactive nerves when no one else could. He has no doubt seen me at my worst but more importantly he’s never judged me. He has never given up on me. He has never once walked away. Even when I’ve lived in the dark he somehow manages to see beauty in me. I can’t put into words what this man means to me. I’ve known him since he was just a curly headed chubby little boy with braces. I’ve had the privileged to grow up with him. Now I get to love him as the man that he is. It’s weird saying that because up until now I’ve only known him to be a kid. Because we were just kids, age 14, when we fell in love. I’ve known him as a baseball player, football player, Tire Tech, Personal Trainer, Realtor, and now, Store Manager. He’s worn many hats and has many titles but my favorite one of all is the guy that I get to come home to: My Best Friend.

We don’t have gray hair yet but I look forward to growing old with him. We are in no rush to get married, for those of you that ask us on a daily basis. We’re choosing to enjoy life and each other as we are. Marriage is in our future, trust me, but we love who we are right now, right this second. Whenever we get bored of that then maybe we’ll get married. But until then we will continue to love each other unconditionally, dance in public, kiss until one of us has to pee and watch Netflix in our jammies all day.

Happy 6th Anniversary to the person that I can’t live without and also to the person that irritates me the most. I love you Wyatt. Thank you for loving me like you do.

I’m so lucky.


With love,

©Karissa Marie



His♥Blazer. PullOver. Button Up. Jeans. Shoes.

Hers♥Dress. Coat-DASH (similar). Heels.

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9 thoughts on “We Never Go Out Of Style// 6 Years <3

  1. Haha such a sweet post! I feel you on all levels of this. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years. Love him to pieces and he’s the one that irritates me to death. Seen me at my worst and best.

    Congrats on 6 years!


    • Love Love Love…⚓️💒I our Heavenky father knows exactly what he is doing…:) when he Blessed U both with Unconditionally Love..!! Happy Anniversary Wyatt and Karissa …! We Love U both…⚓️

  2. Happy Anniversary! I couldn’t agree more with not wanting to rush to get married. I was with my boyfriend for 10 years (also fell in love at 14) before we got engaged and we are still in no rush for marriage because it doesnt change how we love each other or how much fun with have together. You are a stunning young couple! Bless you both with a lifetime of love and happiness.

  3. Congratulations on the six years. I can relate to you as far as having someone who can be there for you with out any hesitation through the good and bad. The shots came out beautiful. You guys truly compliment each other.

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