Day To Night: The Tunic



A typical “day” outfit has to be appropriate for effortless mobility. Work, errands, meetings, shopping: It all has to be done so why not do it in an outfit that’s going to make you feel good while doing those pesky little things on your to-do list. Skinny jeans and a tunic are what I reach for on these particular days. It’s my way of saying “Look, I’ve got stuff to do. A dress is too fancy and t-shirt just won’t do, so here’s my tunic everybody, say hi.” I threw on my all time favorite fedora and my all time favorite boots and I suddenly I created my all time favorite “go to” errand runnin’ outfit. Like, watch out world, I’m on the go! Check check checkin’ off everything on my To Do list. You can’t stop me or my tunic…mmmkay?

IMG_6727 IMG_6751 IMG_6761Night

Okay, your long work day is over. Now it’s time to wine and dine. Or in other words…PARTY! Letting your hair down has a new meaning. Nowadays it means to pull your hair up completely out of your face. I don’t know about you but the very first thing I do when I get home from a long day is put my hair up in a bun. A bun serves as a double purpose. It reveals your beautiful face whilst being sleek and sexy for a night out on the town. WARNING! Wearing a tunic as a dress can be very tricky. Some tunics run shorter, so please, do us all and yourself a favor and don’t take that risk but other tunics, like this one, can run a little longer so it’s safe to wear as a dress. Just do a little test in the mirror before you go out. Adding a black leather jacket to ANY look automatically makes you look fierce and powerful but yet calm and collected at the same time. A win win in my book. A tunic will make your day and your night. Gotta love tunics eh?


With love,

©Karissa Marie


Tunic. Leather Jacket. Jeans. Fedora. Purse. Heels-Zara (Similar)

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