That Edgy Thing

IMG_6676_Fotor_Collage IMG_6632IMG_6681 IMG_6633 IMG_6650IMG_6678 IMG_6662Today I decided to go for that edgy thing that people go for nowadays. Some pull it off better than others. I think I may be part of that “other” group because being all rocker chic isn’t something I think I’m good at. I do feel tough when I throw on my blacked out combat boots though. That’s the beauty of having all sorts of different styles of shoes. They bring out something in me that’s different every single day. Every shoe in my closet serves a unique purpose, a different meaning. This outfit took me back to 2013 when all I wore were my black skinny jeans and combat boots. This outfit was a normal, almost daily thing for me back then. I have blog posts to prove it. 2015 is all about creams, light grey’s and blush tones. Dressing rocker chic sends a strong message to people that you’re not one to mess with on that particular day. It sends the message that, maybe, you’re in the mood to be a little melancholy. Edgy to me is being mysterious. Who’s that girl in the fur jacket and skinny jeans? Though it may seem that my goal for this outfit was to be very avant-garde, trust me, it wasn’t my first priority. It was just non-inspiring day, the weather wasn’t on my side (dark & gloomy), and my combat boots just happened to be staring me in the face saying “Take me for a walk.” So I did. That’s all that this outfit meant and I just happened to take pictures to capture it. But really, can’t a girl like me, feminine and petite, dress edgy once in awhile and not be questioned? Fashion has all sorts of different faces: Today’s face was edgy. Surprise.

Embrace your edgy side ladies, you don’t have to have it together all day every day. Let your hair down, smudge up your eyeliner, and rock those skinny jeans. The world wants to see you a little irritable and raw once in a while. Perfection is so overrated.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


Fur Jacket-DASH Boutique (similar). Top. Skinny Jeans. Boots.

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