Magazines & Converse

IMG_1238IMG_1240IMG_1256 IMG_1250IMG_1258 IMG_1279 IMG_1280Easily the two things that I can’t live without most days. My magazine and my pair of converse shoes. It’s funny because they both seem completely opposite from one another but that’s just me. I’m a little bit of everything. I get most of my inspiration from fashion magazines. That’s the main reason I’d love to work for one some day. I find some sort of idea on every page. Whether it’s fashion, makeup, hair or even life tips, you can find it all in one small book. Magazines are sacred. It takes a lot for me to throw one away because it’s like throwing away diamonds. Too much beauty in one small thing. Look at me, I’m such a fashion blogger. Whatever, I like what I like okay? I couldn’t imagine a life without em. There’s something magical when I throw on my pair of dirty converse after wearing my Zara heels all day and hopping on the couch and reading a magazine. It’s my happy place for sure. It’s my way of saying “DO NOT DISTURB,” I’m in my own little world.



Top | Jeans | Lipstick “Divine Wine” by Maybelline

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