My September Dress

IMG_0753 IMG_0757 IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0813 IMG_0830 IMG_0834You’ve been following my blog a long time if you already know my love for mustard yellow. Its unreal. I love unique colors in general but when I think of September, I think of mustard yellow. That’s just the way it is. That’s why I chose this little H&M number as my official September dress. It’s so flattering on me considering I don’t have much. It adds curves where I kind of lack them. Let’s just say “I DIDNT get it from my mama.” Hi mom. I’ve always been small, that’s the way God made me, so when I find something that gives me a little somethin’ extra…put it in my shopping bag and lets go. I love a dress that can boost my confidence a little. I thought this print was unique as well, it adds that bold factor that I’m constantly searching for. Done and done. What’s your favorite September dress? How does it make you feel? Like my Facebook page (here) girlfriend, every like I get I’ll eat a carton of ice-cream…Oh wait. I do that anyways.

Happy September!



Shoes | Lipstick (Morange by M.A.C.)

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3 thoughts on “My September Dress

  1. I am Grateful ..! To call U Mine ..:) Your Beautiful , and perfect in everyway , … Because God , could not of made U more perfect..💒We R Blessed, Because of U.,,⚓️👗…

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