My Favorite Four Letter Word.

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L.O.V.E. is written on my TopShop midi skirt, big and bold. black and white…but thats not the only place I wish to wear it. I planned on this post being just a simple outfit of the day post but my “love” skirt got me thinking about the actual four letter word and how I want to live my life not only surrounded by that word, but constantly giving that word away. I want that random person that I walk past, who is having a bad day, to know that I love them, in the most un-awkward way of course. Everyone deserves love. I want that old friend from my hometown to know that even though we don’t talk as much… I still love her. And most of all, I not only want people to see me, but to see love when they see me. Does that make sense? I want people to know that I have a GIANT heart and if I don’t give my love to others, I will explode. I’m working on saying “I love you” more and I think we should ALL start doing that. Tomorrow isn’t promised so why not let people you care about know that you love them. ELL-OH-VEE–EEE  Say it more, do it more, and your life will be complete.

Also,  I know its almost time to put away the sandals and crop tops but I’m not ready to make that commitment. All I see are people wearing sweaters and leggings with boots and it’s driving me ca-razy! I’m trying to wear all my summer favorites before its really too late. Before you know it I’ll be wearing my dark lipstick and favorite Target booties don’t you worry. I have good news, I’m finally getting over that random cold that I got a few days ago. I’ve had nothing but hot tea, soup and lots of rest. Can’t wait to be back to normal and have my energy back. Slob-ka-bob Karissa is no fun, no fun at all.


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