Casual Neon

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I’m currently in bed surrounded by kleenex and medicine because go me… I’m sick. Luckily as of now its just a head cold but a pounding one at that. I ALWAYS ALWAYS get a cold when the weather is about to change so I shouldn’t be too surprised. I wish I could lay in bed all day on this lovely Sunday and blog about something quirky but I just don’t have the energy for it or the time because homegirl has to go to work. Gotta work through the pain to pay for those expensive outfits if you know what I mean. Here’s a simple, bright outfit that is tied together by a classic denim jacket. A denim jacket will never go out of style so if you’re considering buying one…JUST DO IT. You’ll never go a day without reaching for it. Trust me. Well that’s all for today my friends. Go take your vitamins so you don’t end up miserable like me.




Pants- Anthropologie | Top-Anthropologie | Jacket (similar) |

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