Zara & Ice cream

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Zara and Ice cream: the two things I cannot live without. Wyatt and I like to go to Bonnie Brae’s Ice Cream shop, the best place to get ice-cream in Denver. Trust me, I know ice cream and this place is goooood. So good. I think my mom ate nothing but chocolate ice-cream while she was pregnant with me because, have mercy, I can’t stop eating it. Enough about ice cream, lets get to the Zara portion of this post. Zara is the epitome of minimalistic chic. I reach for my Zara when I’m feeling simple but still want to make some type of a statement. Today I went for a more laid back look. Zara has pieces that I will always love and keep in my closet forever, that’s why I continue to browse on their website a billion times a day. They’re that good. Whether you’re looking for fancy or looking for tom boy, Zara has it and you won’t be disappointed. It might be a little outside of your comfort zone but that’s the point, remember?

Entire Outfit- Zara

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