My #1 Drugstore Foundation

I’ve tried nearly every drugstore foundation there is. From Maybelline to Loreal to every brand in between. Most drugstore foundations are really stepping up their game, coming in very close in comparison to certain high end brands recently. After too much trial and error, I really think certain high end foundations aren’t worth the $$$ nowadays. I’ve tried my fair share. (I still like Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer though.) I wanted to try out a drugstore foundation after getting sick of being let down by costly high end foundations. I went to the drugstore, completely blind in what to choose. I had heard some of my favorite YouTubers mention this Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation and figured I can’t lose too much BECAUSE IT’S ONLY $5!  I got home, tried it and

F E L L  I N   L O V E! 

I’m no beauty expert but I know what I like on my face. I need a long lasting, light coverage for a day to day basis foundation but need it to also be buildable to full coverage for photo shoots and special occasions. I have oily skin so I do need a matte to semi-matte finish. This foundation checked all my boxes and made my skin look flawless with zero to none cakey-ness. I’m so impressed guys. Wet N’ Wild really killed it with this one. I really think, no matter your skin type or coverage preference you should at least TRY this foundation. I mean it’s ONLY five dollars. I’m so happy I did.

The biggest tip and trick I’ve learned from the Beauty Guru’s of Youtube is “baking” my foundation. I think it’s the only reason my makeup lasts so long throughout the day. It’s a step I will NEVER take out of my makeup routine…even when I’m 80 years old.

What’s YOUR favorite drugstore foundation?

With love,

Karissa Marie

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