Need a Pick Me Up?

IMG_0409_Fotor_CollageIMG_0363 IMG_0367 IMG_0369 IMG_0379 IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0411From the peachy blush down to my Zara high heels, I am 100% a girly girl. I enjoy dressing up in extreme feminine pieces from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few tom boy pieces in my closet as well, but the first day of September called for this white long skirt and grey tank from Anthropologie. I wasn’t going to argue.

This skirt never fails me by the way. Every time I wear it, I feel so pretty. No shame in that either. Need a pick me up? Put on a pair of shoes, earrings, favorite white tee, skinny jeans that make your behind look like J.LO’s…WHATEVER YOU NEED, to remind yourself that you are beautiful. Because girlfriend, you are. Never doubt that. But also know that you’re  a 10 in those sweat pants and your hair in ponytail. I got your back even when you’re eyebrows aren’t done.

Tip of the Day: Love yourself & Dress Up.


Karissa Marie

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