Perfect in Plaid

IMG_5290IMG_5296IMG_5275IMG_5298 IMG_5277IMG_5302 IMG_5280 Dear Plaid,

You’re classic. You’re preppy. You are timeless. You come in all shapes and sizes. You may be complicated at times. You may be a bit too much for me to handle. Regardless of our relationship, you never fail me when I need you the most. You stole my heart, once again, when I saw you hanging so beautifully in an Anthropologie store in the form of a relaxed shirt dress. I can’t stop the urge to wear you everything single day. Thanks for all that you do.



Okay. I’ve been staring at my computer screen all day. I think I might actually be losing my mind. I’m not lying though. This dress (with pockets) had me breathless the first time I laid my eyes on it. I knew it was gonna be a complete hit. The careless shape is so flattering and fun. It’s perfect for all shapes and sizes. It has quickly become one of my favorites in my closet. I could sleep in it. I’ve worn this shirtdress the past two date nights because it’s so effortless. It’s rare when you find a piece that does all the work for you. I think this little guy is perfect for those country girls out there. Slip this on and you will turn heads, trust me. This might a weird thing to admit but I’m always keeping an eye out for items of clothing that will grow with me. I mean literally. Grow-with-me. Something that will continue to fit me when I’m pregnant or when I get past this phase of not gaining any weight. (It’s bound to happen, I know it.) My eyes are constantly peeled for shapeless silhouettes because I just adore them so much. I really wish people would step out of their comfort zone a little and try a shirt dress like this one. They’re life changing. Being body conscious doesn’t have to be a daily thing. Give yourself a break and where something not so slimming. You will love how free you feel.

For those that are curious, I’m 5’1 and I bought this dress in XS Petite. It’s very fitted but comfortable in the arm/shoulder area and lays perfectly above the knee. I’ve been getting questions on the sizes that I buy, my height and weight. I hope this is helpful. Let me know in the comments below and I will continue to do this. If you find that you may need a different size, Anthropologie has a great return policy. Shop my look below.

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Shirtdress . Boots . Fedora . Purse- Target- Similar

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Movie Date Night Outfits

IMG_2367 IMG_2372 IMG_2377 IMG_2381 IMG_2407IMG_2388IMG_2395Nothing is better than seeing a movie with your partner in crime. It’s Wyatt and I’s absolutely favorite thing to do on a Friday Night. We sometimes get dressed up, go out to a nice restaurant, and watch a good flick. We decided on “Fury” because it was the only movie we wouldn’t be late to. We are ALWAYS running to late to movies. I don’t know how we manage to do it every single time but we do. Fury was actually really good. I’ll watch anything that Shia LaBeouf is in. He’s my number one forever.

Our outfits: No matter the agenda, on date night we have to be comfortable. High waisted pants and a crop top for me and a baseball 3/4 sleeve tee for Wyatt. Getting ready for date night is a huge part of date night. And it’s probably one of my favorite parts too. I’ve tried so hard to get Wyatt out of his comfort zone and to wear other things but it’s NOT happening. If he’s comfortable in jeans and tee (more like workout clothes) every single day, than I’ll just have to deal with it. One of the hardest things for a fashion blogger is to dress her boyfriend. They like what they like and there’s no changing that. Trust me, I’ve tried.  I have to pick my battles with this one.



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