Mixing Prints + Stealing Hearts

In the early stages of blogging I was known for my mixing print game. I loved switching things around and jazzing up the average print with my unpredictable style. I missed doing this. I’ve become so minimal (which I love) and have forgotten why I loved fashion in the first place which was to create new and exciting things to wear! People are so afraid of mixing prints and I totally get it. The easiest place to start when mixing prints is with a simple floral pattern paired with stripes. Find a similar color between both pieces and nine times out of ten you’ve got your outfit girlfriend.

Never be too afraid to mix prints. It’s the one thing that will make you stand out in the crowd.

With love,

Karissa Marie

S H O P   M Y   L O O K 

Top. Pants. Shoes. Hat. Lipstick. Foundation.

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