A Magical Day In Central Park

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The look on Finley’s face the moment his feet touched down in Central Park was the most magical thing I’ve seen all season. Finley, just shy of 6 months, has never seen or felt Fall before. All of his senses are stimulated and he suddenly has the energy of a kid after eating a cupcake. Finley started running around circles, jumping up and down like a bunny and rolling around in the fallen leaves. Seeing this inner puppy come out like that almost brought me to tears. He has such a sweet soul and seeing him that happy made my entire year. I can’t wait for all the first’s I get to experience with him. He’s my best friend.

Well folks, Fall is officially in the air…the crisp-crisp air. My outfits are quickly overshadowed by my need to stay warm. My jackets and coats are just about all I can create when the weather is constricting. That’s my least favorite part about the cold climate. Not being able to show off my clothes! I just recently snagged this statement denim coat at Zara. It’s so urban chic and I get so many compliments on the subway. Not to mention it’s surprisingly warm with bits and pieces lined with a thick fleece material. It was Finley approved.

Karissa Marie

Jacket. Boots. Lipstick. Foundation.

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