Rainy Days


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How do you spend your rainy days?

 I love everything even more on a rainy New York day. I love that I can be melancholy and I would be blending in. I love that I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about wanting to stay in bed, watch Gilmore Girls and sip on my hot chocolate all day long. That’s exactly what I do on a rainy day. Nothing. Sometimes I feel so bad about not wanting to do anything or to be with anyone when my mood matches the sky but I’ve discovered that it’s healthy to feed my depression to a certain degree. It’s okay to let my soul recharge and rest. It’s good to lose myself in a movie or a book or even a dream. The world is tough and I feel safe in my home, cuddling with my puppy and my husband. I’m sure this funk that I’m in will pass, it usually does but I’m taking every advantage of this fall weather to…. Just be. 

Depressed or not, everyone deserves a break from everyday life.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie

Dress. Beret. Jacket. Shoes-Similar.

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2 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Flawless!!! I have a denim jacket that I love so much and style with everything. But I would have never guessed to wear white ankle boots, beret and that cute orange lipstick!!!

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